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The AMP Force uses electronic pulses to break the calcium bicarbonate and the magnesium bicarbonate into a water soluble, non-adherent form.

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1252/ 7000

High flow rate system. Designed to protect the plumbing and fixtures in today’s upscale homes with a greater water demand and provide “Better than bottled quality water” from every faucet and shower.

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Private Well

Effectively prevents hard water mineral scale build-up inside plumbing and fixtures. Designed for water with hardness up to 37 grains per gallon (633 mg/l or ppm) using no sodium or potassium salts.

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Our most popular systems combine the scale prevention device and the filtration into a single space saving system. The system uses AMP FORCE technology to prevent scale formation; and completely filters all of the water going into the home or office.

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with WT5-EXT

Whole House Water Treatment system The AMP FORCE system to prevent scale formation without the necessity of adding sodium or potassium salts. The mixed media filtration system completely filters all of the water. Configured for flexibility in installation.

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Commercial Water Treatment Systems Commercial filtration systems are available in various sizes depending on application & configuration



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Available with or without H2O Concepts International, Inc mixed media filtration, a logical water softener alternative has finally arrived. Ask about our No Nonsense non-prorated, parts and labor warranty.

The manufacturing of the AMP Force incorporates the highest standards of quality assurance, engineering expertise, and the highest quality materials. The AMP Force is TUV and GS approved and manufactured from DVGW tested parts. Each unit undergoes an extensive final inspection before shipment.

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