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If your family is tired of dealing with all the negative consequences of hard water and does not want to deal with the hassles and side effects of salt and potassium-based water softeners. H2o Concepts has online shopping specials so you can receive the only, patented, proven, certified alternative water system for you and your family. The H2o Concepts online special offers are a great incentives for you get a whole house water treatment system that gives you great tasting water at every faucet in your home.


Health Friendly

Plant Friendly

Saves Money


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Online Savings Offer

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Kick The Salt Special Offer

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H2o Concepts $250.00 rebate offer. Rebate applies when you buy a H2o Concepts whole house system directly from us the manufacture.

Instant rebate of $250.00 off any new H2o Concepts whole house system at time of purchase*.

Add in the extra savings of the $250.00 rebate when you replace an existing self- regenerating salt-using water softener with an H2o Concepts system.

City of Scottsdale Rebate offer is helping Kick the Salt.
Expired Rebate

But H2o Concepts is still "Kicking the Salt" Give us a call today to find out about this offer!

Contact us 623-582-5222

H2o Concepts Whole House water filtration special offer


Free for FIVE really pays back

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H2o Concepts Clearly Better Water

Better for Environment

Green leaf with water droplets showing H2o Concepts water is safe for plants.

  • Healthier, better-tasting drinking water
  • Improves the taste of juice, coffee, soup, and ice
  • Eliminates need for bottle water or reverse osmosis

Better for Your Family

Healthy water glass being filled with H2o Concepts water

  • Leaves Vital Calcium and Magnesium in the water
  • Reduces or eliminates contaminants in the water
  • Cook, Shower, Bath without salt or potassium chloride laden water
  • Water without chlorine

Better for Your Skin

women examining her face that she has washed with H2o Concepts water.

  • Leaves skin feeling smoother after showering, shaving and washing
  • Makes hair healthier and more manageable
  • Reduces dry skin


Green Leaf H2o Concepts - The Most Certified Green System on the Market!

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